Kitchen Remodeling

The use and complexity of the kitchen has grown over the years. The kitchen may be the most important room in the modern home, and it can be one of the most beautiful. In many homes it is in use at all hours from dawn to late night visits. With cooking requests varied as Thanksgiving dinner to a bowl of movie popcorn the kitchen is adaptable.

When it comes time to design and build a new kitchen there are a lot of practical things to consider so that it will be a room that that works for everyone and everything. At Green Light Construction we work to design and build what will be functional, lasting and fitting to your style.

What our clients are saying...

The budget was honored, the timeline was met, the respect for our privacy and the cleanliness of the job sight and affected areas was a priority, and the work is beautiful! Maxwell works with electricians, plumbers, tilers, cabinet makers etc who are the best at what they do… they are loyal to him and work with the same values that Green Light prides themselves on.

Abby C. from Portland, OR.