NE Portland

N.E. Portland is the part of Portland that we live in. From Kenton east to 82nd st. it is section of Portland, Oregon we do a lot of work in. It is a diverse neighborhood with a history. More about N.E. Portland can be found here.

Some of the North East Portland houses are simple with classic charter. On the house pictured on the left we replaced the front door, rebuilt the front and back porches and coordinated the paint colors with a color specialist.

The middle photo is a featured house with a basement with the required headroom. Green Light Construction added some of the basics: improved electric, insulation and better lighting. Now with lighted areas on dimers the room can be set just right for movies or a kid’s playroom.

Windows make a big difference in how a house looks. Windows that open in the summer and keep heat in the winter are fantastic. When we can get the interiors of them made in wood, they add charm and warmth to the room. The photo to the right was a set of simple custom double hung windows that made a huge improvement in the livability of this second-floor bedroom.

Featured Projects

NE Portland Kitchen Remodel Sink(1)
NE Portland Kitchen Remodel with pull out drawers

What our clients are saying...

I am very pleased to have found Maxwell Rush at Green Light Construction. I had a great experience doing a variety of work both inside and out, from painting and door replacements to a full bathroom remodel. Throughout the house, Maxwell took the time to assess and recommend. He paid attention to detail and the communication all the way through the process was fantastic. He was careful to meet the time requirements and dealt with all my requests. My tired worn out house was transformed into a cute, clean house with all the character from the original time period. I would definitely recommend Maxwell and will use him again for future projects, next is the kitchen!

Aiyana H. from Portland, OR