Field Issuance Remodel (FIR) Program

Remodeling and building in Portland can be a challenge. Getting the permit to build can traditionally take several months. Green Light Construction is fortunate to be a part of the Portland FIR program. There are specified guidelines for the Field Issuance Remodel qualifications.

As members of this program, we are able to schedule a site visit and get a building permit issued in just a few days. The program was established so that qualified builders could work cooperatively with the city inspectors to eliminate construction delays and build projects to current code standards.

The projects which work best with this program have a minor structural component along with electrical and plumbing updates. For example, removing an interior wall to expand a kitchen or adding a new bedroom and bathroom to an existing house.

Kitchen Remodel with FIR program
In progress addition with FIR
Finished FIR Bathroom Remodel

In this kitchen project we removed a chimney and adjusted two walls. They were minor structural changes but it gave us the space we needed to make a truly efficient design.

Bigger projects are also a good fit for this program. In this addition we built right out into the backyard. Expanding the house with a new master bedroom and bathroom. A needed addition for a family that just had twins.

One more example of a great FIR project is adding a bathroom to an existing space. It makes sharing a home much more pleasant, especially when guests come to visit. This bathroom has a floating vanity and walk-in shower that looks fantastic in this mid-century home.

Once the permit is issued on a FIR building project, we work with one senior building inspector throughout the whole project. They are overseeing and inspecting all phases of the build. We can talk about what we are going to build in the next part of the project and think about any details that we may need to plan for. This is a great cooperative way to build. Finally, we are able to coordinate the inspection schedule with our inspector eliminating city scheduling delays.

We are happy to be a part of Portland’s FIR program and glad to share our benefits of overall faster work with homeowners.

Contact Green Light Construction to see if we can design and build a project with you through this program.