Whole Home Remodeling

You’ve been living in your house awhile now and it’s all working for you, the schools, the neighborhood, the ten minute walk to your favorite coffee shop, but the sheen of new appliances from 15 years ago has grown a little dim, and some of the quirks are becoming a little less charming.

Over time paint fades, appliances age, we want a fresh color on the walls or the floor, we wish the windows were easier to open. A whole home remodel is a custom-designed project that allows you to replace, refinish, remove and repair several areas in your house at the same time.

Planning this way gives you the advantage of efficiencies that can be built into larger projects and a single disruption rather than multiple disruptions over a longer time. Green Light will work with you to determine the scope of the project you are looking for.

What our clients are saying...

Green light was amazingly timely in getting work done, went the extra mile always to give us more quality products and craftsmanship than expected and was great with everything. I love my home now.

Mary C. from Portland, OR.